care guide

you’ve just got your first pair of Virón shoes. you want to take great care of them, but you’re not sure where to start?
we got you.

AppleSkin TM
If you want to get rid of a stain or give them a polish, we recommend using a gentle sponge and warm water. Generally, if you want to use care products to extend your shoes’ life, you can use bio-based impregnation for another protective layer. And if you want to to apply “leather” creme on our vegan leather, you can just use a thin layer of skin moisturiser to get them nice and shiny — no thick leather cream needed!

Please avoid using any sprays or care products that contain chemicals, as the bio-based material is sensitive to chemicals and might damage otherwise. Additionally, we recommend to keep the shoes as dry as possible. If they happen to get wet in the rain, it’s okay; just wipe them dry once you’re indoors.
This is the best way to prevent future problems! :) 

Recycled Canvas, Recycled Nylon and Upcycled Army Material
Spilled pasta sauce on your boots? slipped in the mud on the way to a rave? it’s all good - use a gentle detergent to sort it out. make sure to be extra gentle on the patches, if there are any.

Also here, we’d advise you to go for something bio-based to make sure your products survive without any stains or unwanted discolouration.

Recycled Rubber Soles
to keep your recycled rubber soles clean and fresh, follow these steps:

1. simply wipe the boots down with warm water and a damp cloth / gentle sponge. Place them in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight to dry.
2. Apply some some bio-based release agent (that has some grease) onto soles and go over the entire surface of your boot and brush very well all over the soles and in all the corners;
by doing so, you extend the life of your rubber soles <3

Should you have any other questions - just write to "".

Product Disclaimer
Our shoes are 100% vegan and are produced using bio-based materials. Unlike traditional materials that are heavily treated with chemicals, our bio-based materials tend to react to different environments which might lead to slight imperfections.

This could mean material imperfections, individually coloured soles looking slightly different than on the website, or white staining caused by oxidation which can be easily treated with a gentle sponge and warm water. Being against using harmful chemicals, we opted for using environmentally friendly bio-based materials. The imperfections of these materials are small, but the benefits are big.

They are good for the planet, animals, and people. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact!

Team Virón