All materials that we use in production are vegan and PETA certified.

Our apple leather comes from apple residue from the food industry. The skin is collected, dried, powdered and sent to a factory where it is mixed with Polyurethane (PU), in order to obtain a firm, smooth texture.

We also use corn leather, which originates from the food industry as well. Residue from corn is liquified into a form of wax, 60% of which is then applied to 40% polyester.

We make sure to use as little virgin materials as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are working with a warehouse in France where we buy old military supplies and upcycle them into new uppers.

The canvas we use is recycled canvas, made of 70% recycled cotton and 30% viscose.

Our signature sole is made out of 70% recycled rubber and 30% newly produced rubber, to ensure efficient adherence and resistance.
At the end of its life cycle, the sole can be sent back to the factory to be remade into a new shoe.

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Our shoes are carefully wrapped in Kraft paper, and packaged in a recycled, biodegradable cardboard box, closed with plastic-free Kraft tape.

In order to produce as little waste as possible, we designed our shoe boxes as a means to avoid any additional outter carton or plastic cover when shipping it to you.

Our production is based in a factory specializing in footwear production for vegetarian consumers in Guimarães, Portugal.

For the sake of aligning our production with our values, we chose a factory with strong ethics. At least 40% of the workers have worked in the factory for over fifteen years, while respecting parity, and benefitting from training (Human Resources and safety) as well as other basic rights like freedom of union and non-discrimination principles.

Our factory is 100% transparent on their greenhouse gases emissions, water and energy consumption, and waste. They remain committed to improving their impact, through the adoption of various norms and measures over the years.

We are based in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

We take pride in continuing European values of open exchange, inclusion, and democracy - values that assure discourse and collaboration between our generation and the next.

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