here to lift you higher: our platform derby shoes made with 2 kilos of apple waste
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our trinity of beliefs.

for the planet.

for the animals.

for the people.


Kendrick Lamar in 1992s

“I walk out the street with no heat and wanted to beef when I’m just a vegan”
Lamar, Kendrick. “Regulate” (0:56). Top Dawg Entertainment, 2012

King Kendrick 👑 wearing our 1992 Forest Apple.

Virón’s first TV appearance with Angèle

TV debuts are never easy, but we think the 1992Z did a great job. Thank you @angele_vl 💚🍏♻️⁠

dustin in viróns!

Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo (@gatenm123) is the latest star seen wearing Virón. Thank u to our followers for spotting this and for spreading the word. We are nearly 2 years old and your support means the world for a young independent brand like us.


on the first Thursday of each month, we make some pairs available on our website at a heavily discounted price for those who aren’t in the position to buy from us at full price right now.

it's very easy, you only have to follow 3 simple steps:
01: watch our story every first Thursday of the month
02: write your size on the relevant question box 
03: have a chance to purchase a pair at 60 - 70% discount via a secret link

as there are only a few pairs available each month and we can’t (nor want to) check your bank account ;) we hope you only apply if you wouldn’t be able to buy Virón at our current prices.

all profits will be donated to a different organisation each month.

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