We want to give our community a say in what we do. By becoming a shareholder, you get a seat at our table in our young, eco-conscious, independent brand. By investing, you are shaping our future and championing a movement against the fast fashion industry.

It's more than just a share; it's a statement, a commitment to a greener, more ethical future!


We came up with a reward system and benefits for our future shareholders.
Check below to see which one would apply to you:


To start, we're initiating a pre-collection phase where  you can make a non-binding reservation of shares. 

  • Visit our campaign on LITA.co by clicking here or via the buttons below. 
  • Enter your desired investment amount and click "RESERVE MY INVESTMENT“.
  • Register with your e-mail address by clicking „I REGISTER“  
  • Look out for a follow-up e-mail from the LITA.co team after the official collection launch to finalize your investment.

Alternatively, you can indicate your interest by clicking "LIKE" and choose the amount in the pop-up window.


Who is LITA?

Similar to other crowdfunding platforms “LITA.co” helps people to raise money for their projects, by connecting them with individuals or groups who want to support their ideas financially. 

The main difference to “regular crowdfunding” platforms is that LITA is highly sustainability-focused.

Therefore, all companies listed on LITA.co not only went through a financial, but also a sustainability assessment to make sure the company is economically viable, whilst also being sustainability-conscious. 

Is LITA trustworthy?

LITA.co was founded in 2014, and currently has a team of more than 50 employees in France, Belgium and Italy. 

LITA was approved by the french financial authorities (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), managed to get the B-Corp certification (one of the most significant sustainability seals held by companies as Patagonia, Ecosia or Virón ;).
The platform also was first the first of its kind reciving the Finansol label - a certificate that confirms the solidarity, transparency and trustworthiness of financial products.

Since 2014, LITA.co brought together a community of more than 50,000 individual investors raising nearly 42 million euros, that have been invested in more than 200 committed companies.

What’s the difference to normal crowdfunding?

In contrast to traditional crowdfunding, LITA.co’s impact based crowdfunding only accepts and includes companies that besides being financially viable, also proved a positive social / environmental impact, whilst being transparent regarding the investment utilization.

LITA.co is of course also focused on the financial return of a project, but additionally also focuses on the sustainability of your investment.

Is there a minimum amount that needs to be invested?

You can invest from €100. This is the symbolic minimum investment on LITA.co for Virón.

It needs to be remarked that your investment will come with a 1-3% fee depending on the amount invested. The fees will be used by LITA.co to support banking transaction costs and provide individualised support for brands like us participating on their paltform. The fees will only be deducted once the investment is collected.

LITA.co does not charge management fees or commission on gains made through your Virón investment.

How does the investing work?

Not sure how to actually invest? Don't worry, we outlined the process for you below:

  1. Go on LITA.co, click "ALL OFFERS", and then select VIRÓN or click here - here you can access all information about the compaign. (access here)
  2. Enter the desired amount and click „RESERVE MY INVESTMENT“
  3. Click „I REGISTER“ to create your account with your e-mail address.
  4. The LITA.co team will reply shortly after launching the official collection. You will then be able to make your investment online. You can also put a "LIKE" and then choose the amount you wish to invest in the pop-up window that appears. 

If you still have any questions, concerns or problems - text us at: crowdfunding@viron-world.com and we will help you! 🤍

Who can participate

Everyone above the legal age of 18 except of US, Canadian and Japanese citizens.

What are the benefits of being a shareholder?

By becoming a Virón shareholder of Virón, you will officially hold a share of our company and the capital invested as well as be a part of the adventures of being an entrepreneur.

You will receive quarterly updates on the strategic development of Virón and our future plans, to make sure you’re able to track the development of the company throughout the duration of your investment.

In addition, you will also receive financial benefits such as tax reduction on your 2024 income tax by 25% of the amount invested, as well as a potential capital gain from the investment once the growth of the company succeeds.

What is the associated risk?
What happens if the minimum campaign amount is not reached?

Investing always comes with risks - that’s exactly the reason why you should only invest a part of your savings that you could potentially lose. That means that if the company would be forced to go bankrupt, you’re exposed to the risk of losing a part of the total of the amount invested. Also, you need to consider that the investment cannot be liquidized at any given moment — meaning that you do not have the direct opportunity to resell your shares for capital as you wish.

Crowdfunding / LITA.co investment are considered patient long-term investments over a 5 year time period. This is the reason why LITA’s auditing process on financial and sustainability performance is very rigirous - to limit your risk from the very beginning. In the case that the minimum amount of the Virón campaign on LITA is not reached, the campaign will be cancelled and all of the investments will be refunded by the full amount.

Nevertheless remember, while investing comes with risks, it also comes with the potential of substantial rewards - especially in the case of investing in a start-up.

Do you have more questions?

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